In the Kitchen with Summit Sotheby’s International Realty

Good food does so much more than nourish and fuel our bodies. It satisfies and comforts. Food can be
nostalgic, certain aromas triggering memories long forgotten from childhood. It can be eye-opening,
new and different flavor combinations so foreign our taste buds don’t know what to make of it: salty,
sweet, bitter, tart… The combinations are endless and reflective of their geographic location in the
world. Food is an experience for the senses and it can take us places we may not have the opportunity
to travel to. Most importantly however, food – and the act of preparing and eating it – brings us
together in the most delicious of ways.

In a time when so many of us are at home and perhaps cooking more often than we normally would,
we reached out to our agents and staff members to hear about their favorite dishes. We wanted to
know what recipes bring your families to the table so we could compile them into a recipe book to
share. From banana bread to persimmon salad, and Korean bibimbap to Israeli hummus, we’ve got you
covered with something for everyone… we even included a drinks section with smoothies, cocktails
and mocktails.

So break out the cutting board, pull up some chairs to the table, and dive in! Save the take-out for
another night and create something delicious with your family and loved ones. We can’t wait to hear
about your culinary adventures together.