A Letter to all of Utah from Summit Sotheby’s International Realty President and Principal Broker, Thomas Wright.

It has been an interesting week, has it not? It is always in the moments of uncertainty that I am impressed and inspired by the generosity, support and selflessness of each and every community and of Utahns. The days ahead are no doubt going to look different than from years past, but let us not forget who we are, what we have and what we can do for our neighbors.

To put it candidly, we got this. I know you’ve seen it in emails, on social media and in marketing, but I want to encourage you… we’ve got this. Now, I’m not saying that the days ahead aren’t going to be full of challenges, things may get worse, but what I do know is that each year this state opens up its doors to millions of visitors, hosts the world through winter sports events and leads headlines for the best of the best of the USA to call home. These accomplishments only arrive by hard work, dedication and authenticity; these accomplishments are because of you –don’t forget that.

The staff, management and sales associates of Summit Sotheby’s International Realty are here to lead by example and to be a fixture of positivity to all of you. From Logan to St. George, Park City to Salt Lake, we have had the absolute honor of assisting many of you with your real estate needs over the past twelve years. We are here to support the fabric of this exceptional state and to shine a light for anyone in moments of darkness.

I felt the need to put pen to paper this week and to tell you first, thank you for embracing this company, but more importantly, that together there is nothing we cannot get through. We are a State of pioneers, of mountains and red rocks and of Olympic champions. Be well neighbors, this too shall pass.
– Thomas Wright